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Q & A

For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself…..

I’m Claire Brown, I grew up in Sydney, Australia and studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University, in North Sydney.


I worked in Sydney for a while after graduating from university, between a few major private hospitals, caring for inpatient and outpatient needs. I also worked closely alongside AFL teams for a few seasons with the UNSW men’s and women’s squads. I moved to Hong Kong in the middle of 2017 with my husband and have been working privately since then.


I have a huge love for sport, all things with a bat and ball in particular. I’m a keen cricketer and have represented NSW in a number of junior teams and have been a member of the women’s first grade team for the Universities Women’s Cricket Club for a number of years. In the Australian winter I play field hockey and have also captained and represented a number of sporting teams at various levels, including football, softball, athletics and cross-country.


My family says that I learned to run before I could walk, so I guess I’ve always been sporty and lucky to be gifted with a bit of natural talent. I spent half my childhood growing up on my grandparents farm in the Blue Mountains, so I guess I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and being around nature. I hope to one day have a hobby farm of my own with dogs and chickens and a big veggie patch.


What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

I have always had an interest in the human body and how it works – I am amazed at how intricately we are built and designed. I enjoy figuring out how everything works together and how to make our bodies perform more efficiently and optimally.


I think resilience and empathy are keen attributes that make a good physio and I think through a few personal recovery journeys I’ve learned a bit about that too.



What is most satisfying about being a physiotherapist

Definitely seeing my patients get better, but also getting to know them as an individual, finding out what makes them tick as a person and then playing to those strengths.


Do you have any special interests?

I have a keen interest in women’s health, young athletes and all sports.


Do you have a number one tip for your patients?

Set goals, make them challenging yet achievable and review them regularly.


How do you like to stay healthy?

Going to the gym, playing cricket or some form of team sport, eating well (mostly) as well as trying to keep my mind active with different creative projects. I enjoy being outside, so spare time is usually spent hiking or seeing how many times I can bowl my husband out in the nets.