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Tim McCosker

BSc BApp Sc
Registered Physiotherapist

Tim is a registered physiotherapist with a keen interest in sports injuries,
as well as running gait and core analysis. He has provided physiotherapy
services for the HKFC Rugby section for 14 years and also spent several
years working in the industrial sector in Canada, gaining a wealth of
experience and knowledge of ergonomic assessment and occupational
rehabilitation. He has in-depth knowledge of office ergonomics and
strategies to prevent chronic neck, back and upper limb overuse injuries.


He now runs independent physiotherapy clinic CoreOfit, providing
comprehensive services that range from sprain and strain rehabilitation,
post-op rehabilitation, office ergonomic assessments, chronic and acute
neck and back pain treatments to running gait analysis and retraining,
orthotics. He is an expert at core assessment and strengthening using
real-time ultrasound imaging (RTUS).


Tim adopts a team approach, working cohesively with family doctors,
surgeons, coaches, trainers and family to expedite each patient’s
recovery from injury.


He has extensive experience working with athletes from a variety of
sports (including skiing, running, rugby, hockey, soccer, kayaking,
swimming, triathlon, adventure racing and ultramarathon), providing
treatment and training programs at all levels from novice to Olympian.


Tim is an active sports enthusiast, engaging in many sports, including
adventure racing, marathon and ultramarathon running, whitewater
kayaking, water and snow skiing, snowboarding, kiteboarding, tennis,
golf – and anything that looks like fun! His younger days saw him
represent New South Wales in tertiary Rugby League, as well as winning
several titles in trail running and adventure racing.

Callum Hardie

Registered Physiotherapist

Callum is a New Zealand and Hong Kong registered physiotherapist who studied at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, the deep south of New Zealand.


His rural and sporting upbringing led to an early interest in the human body and movement. Through the lens of physiotherapy, Callum has developed this interest into a passion for biomechanics and enhancing performance.


Callum has a well developed background in the health and fitness industry, having worked for four years as both a personal trainer and a physiotherapist in New Zealand and Hong Kong.He has used this depth of knowledge in high performance sport settings (Hawke’s Bay 7s team tournament physio), as well as with those looking to optimize and restore function in the everyday aspects of their life.


Callum’s areas of physiotherapy interest include: musculoskeletal, exercise prescription and sports physiotherapy, post-operative rehab, core assessment and stability, vestibular rehab, concussion management, and workplace ergonomics.


Callum takes a holistic multidisciplinary approach to well-being, and enjoys working closely with other health professionals to achieve the best results for those in his care.


Callum was fortunate enough to get abroad in 2019, and spent time backpacking in Europe, before settling in Beijing for four months. His friends jokingly consider him a well-traveled farmer. Being a keen athelte himself, Callum spends his free time training for rugby or trying something new outdoors. Although, as still acclimatising to the Hong Kong heat around midday, you’ll find him sheltering beneath an aircon!

Omel Rueda

Massage Therapist

Omel has over 7 years experience in Massage Therapy in Hong Kong. He graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, and taught for 2 years prior to continuing his education to be a physical trainer.


Omel’s passion to help people prompted his career in Massage Therapy. He attended the Chiva Som International Academy, where he graduated with a diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology, with emphasis on massage. Omel focuses on manual techniques for active individuals, ranging from stretching and improving range of motion to sports massage.


Omel is an outgoing person. His hobbies include various outdoor activities, spending time with family, traveling and catching up with friends from all over the world.